Indiaś Biggest Water Theme Park ATHISAYAM Welcomes you....

Excitementon land and adventure in water. Athisayam, theultimate in family fun, is a several acre WaterAmusement Park located in Madurai, TamilNadu, India. Athisayam has grown over the last five years tobecome the largest in the area (Athisayam was born on2000). The Waterpark has sports rides foreveryone from the thrill seeker in you to the morerelaxed family attractions. Athisayam is just 20 minutes drive fromMadurai (to keep peoples inpeace and away from city pollution and noise) .The fun begins at 10:00 AM when the gates open and youenter the "Queen of Indian Theme Parks". You will enjoythe wide variety of water games and rides. Visitour exciting Madurai Courtallam to experience the fun.Bring your camera fully loaded as there is enough foodfor your cameras in our park.

Prices, safety,cleanliness of Athisayam and the friendly, helpful attitude ofAthisayam's employees all get credited for thepark's continuing success at drawing crowds. Also everyyear or so something new gets added - such as therecent additions of the Octopus, Space Walk, FreeFalletc. More than 50 rides are here in the park.


Entry Fares

ADULTS : 600
CHILD : 400 ( Below 130 cms in height )


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Contact us : +91 97869 66881 , +91 452 2463848, +91 2463850

Contact us : +91 97869 66881 , +91 452 2463848, +91 2463850